CHAS Elite

We are proud to announce that Taylor Fit Out has achieved the prestigious CHAS Elite and Common Assessment Standard for UK contractors. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in all our operations.

With the CHAS Elite certification, we have demonstrated our compliance with strict industry regulations, showcasing our dedication to creating a safe working environment for our employees, clients, and stakeholders. The Common Assessment Standard accreditation further solidifies our reputation as a reliable and responsible contractor, ensuring that we meet the necessary requirements for project procurement across various sectors.

As a CHAS Elite and Common Assessment Standard accredited company, you can trust us to deliver exceptional quality, adhere to legal obligations, and prioritize the well-being of all involved.

Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

We are delighted to share that Taylor Fit Out is a proud member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and a trusted participant in the government-backed TrustMark scheme.

Our affiliation with the FMB demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, quality craftsmanship, and customer service in the construction industry. As a member, we are subject to rigorous vetting processes and regular inspections, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

In addition, our participation in the TrustMark scheme guarantees that our customers can have complete confidence in our services. TrustMark is a government-endorsed quality assurance scheme that signifies our commitment to excellent workmanship, fair practices, and customer protection. By choosing Taylor Fit Out, you are choosing a reputable and reliable partner for your construction projects, backed by the recognition and validation of both the FMB and TrustMark,


We are thrilled to be part of the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme in the UK and everything that means in terms of quality, assurance and peace of mind for our customers.


Common Assessment Standard

With CHAS Elite status we are also pre- qualified to the Common Assessment Standard. This accreditation gives prospective clients confidence we are fully health & safety compliant and on a sound financial footing.